Over 140 Years in the (Wine)Making! R. Lopez Heredia Series Shines at Two Lights

R. Lopez de Heredia’s series has found a wine-loving crowd at Two Lights Seafood & Oyster. This four-generations-old Spanish vineyard is famous for many things, including never sourcing one grape from another vineyard. (Not once! Even after Consejo Regulador  (Regulating Body) of the DOC Rioja permitted grapes from other regions to be used under certain terms and circumstances.) They also consciously opt-out of using modern wine making techonology, instead continuing R. Lopez de Heredia’s 19th century traditions.

Two Lights carries four varieties of R. Lopez de Heredia including Gravonia, Tondonia Reserva, Cubillo, and Bosconia.

Photo: Shelby Forsyth

Photo: Shelby Forsyth


Beverage manager Chris Gatchell refers to the R. Lopez de Heredia series as a “backpack wine”—on his list of favorites, especially while traveling. “It appears on menus all over the world and maintains some level of versatility, but there’s a well-known exceptional quality that makes it truly special. The grapes express well over time,” says Gatchell.

Ask your server which of the R. Lopez de Heredia series suits your small plates adventures tonight at Two Lights! We look forward to uncorking one of these lovingly crafted wines just for you. ••