Seafood in the Spotlight : Two Lights Featured by OTMRA

This month, we had the honor of being featured in Old Town Merchants and Residents Association’s Member Spotlight, a place reserved for Old Town businesses to share their histories and stories.

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One item of particular interest to Old Town residents is the fact that Two Lights is not our owners’ first business venture on North Avenue: “What people might not realize is that Two Lights is actually a return to Old Town for owners Keene and Megan, who opened one of their very first Flat Top Grill locations just one block west on North Avenue in the ’90s. Longtime Old Town residents might remember stopping in for Mongolian stir-fry with friends and family and shaking hands with Keene himself! According to Keene and Megan, Old Town offers the perfect combination of a neighborhood feel with the arts and culture experience of Chicago. It’s a very walkable neighborhood where visitors and regulars alike are welcomed with a smile and homey service.”

Photo: Daniel Kelleghan

Photo: Daniel Kelleghan


Old Town Merchants and Residents Association also highlighted feedback from one of our guests: “The colors are soft, the drinks and dishes are shareable, and the service is, as one guest expressed, ‘Like I’ve known them my whole life!’” To all of us at Two Lights, that feeling of familiarity come straight from owner Keene & Megan’s annual trips to Maine, where the staff at their favorite restaurants got to know them by name.

A huge thank you to Old Town Merchants and Residents Association (orchestrators of the famous Wells Street Art Festival!) for this highlight.

Join us tonight at Two Lights for more stories and our welcoming vacation vibe. ••