Octopus for Brunch? Weird Meets Wonderful at Two Lights.

While Maine isn’t exactly known for octopus, our Grilled Spanish Octopus is a big hit on Two Lights’ menu. Google reviewer Sabrina let us know that “the octopus is one of the best things [she’s] eaten in a long time,” Yelp user Kristen said, “The octopus was life-changingly delicious!,” and Facebook fan Disha included the grilled octopus in her list of “amazing and innovative” must-trys!

The success of braised and grilled octopus on our dinner menu made us wonder… could we serve octopus for brunch?

And you, our guests, answered with a resounding YES!

Photo: Shelby Forsyth

Photo: Shelby Forsyth


We debuted an Octopus & Soft Scramble dish on our brunch menu just last month. And the reviews just keep on coming! Kelsey from OpenTable says, “The octopus and soft scramble was delicious and the biscuits were SO good!”, an anonymous OpenTable user said, “Try the octopus! So good!!!", and Monica C. wrote, “Delicious brunch!!! Will definitely be going back!!“

The secret to our delectable grilled octopus is hours of braising in wine to break down the typical “rubbery” texture of octopus tentacles. A good sear on the outside and our house-made Calabrian Chili Oil gives it just a touch of heat. At brunch, you’ll find our Spanish octopus served with soft scrambled eggs and a root vegetable hash, inspired by a New England dish called “flannel hash,” that includes beets, celery root, parsnips, and carrots.

We hope to see you for brunch at Two Lights soon to try our surprisingly good Grilled Spanish Octopus & Soft Scramble. You might not associate this eight-legged animal with breakfast just yet… but we promise you will after digging in at Two Lights! ••