EXCLUSIVE: Nonesuch Oysters Land at Two Lights!

With a name like Two Lights Seafood & Oyster, you can bet we're invested in the quality and taste of our oysters.

That's why we're delighted to announce our partnership with Nonesuch Oysters: award-winning boutique oysters from Maine that have been featured in Vogue, the Today Show, OysterGuide.com, and Rowen Jacobsen's book The Essential Oyster.

Photo: @nonesuchoysters Instagram

Photo: @nonesuchoysters Instagram


We kayaked to Nonesuch Oysters' farm on one of our annual trips to Maine and are so moved by its story and origins. Nonesuch owner Abigail Carroll hit "Reset" on her life and went from trading stocks in Paris to farming oysters in Maine. Talk about a change of pace!


These unique, great-tasting oysters are famous for their beautiful color, and bright, fresh, salty-sweet taste with hints of sea grass. And they remind us of our summer vacations along the coast of Maine.

Two Lights is proud to be the sole Midwest partner of Nonesuch Oysters. We hope you'll come try these stunning Maine oysters tonight at Two Lights. ••