It's a fish... It's a boat... It's a cocktail! Meet the Sunfish.

Two Lights riffs on a few classic cocktails (the Old Fashioned, the Penicillin, the Dark n’ Stormy), but many of our beverage creations are inspired by our experience of summers in Maine. The Sunfish, a tequila-based cocktail, was developed with the ocean—and a childhood hobby—in mind.

Photo: Barry Brecheisen

Photo: Barry Brecheisen


Our general manager and beverage mastermind Chris Gatchell grew up sailing Sunfish boats on the lakes of Maine. Sunfish boats, which feature a board-style hull and a lateen sail, are loosely designed to resemble the vertically inclined ocean sunfish.

On what exactly inspired the Sunfish cocktail, Chris said, “When you’re sailing on a lake in Maine in the summer, you’re surrounded by berries growing in the woods and in fields. Farms advertise PYO (Pick Your Own) strawberries and strawberries are very much a part of a Maine summer.”

In Two Lights’ Sunfish cocktail, you’ll find our house-made Serrano pepper tequila which we create via controlled rapid infusion to regulate the amount of heat each cocktail receives. Balancing out the pepper you’ll also taste our strawberry bell pepper gomme and lime. A garnish of fresh mint leaves adds just a touch of herbality.

Sip a summery Sunfish cocktail tonight at Two Lights! We look forward to seeing you. ••