"Innovative, Unique, & Delicious": Two Lights' Cocktail Program Shines

Cocktails: they start off the night, they can surely finish them, and when made well, they can stand alone as memorable highlights of a dining experience.

Our Yelp page is brimming with praise for Two Lights’ craft cocktail program:

  •  “Cocktails are phenomenal. The drinks were so creative and well-balanced (yet simple) and are some of the best cocktails I have had in the city.” - Mario H.

  • “Cocktails were quite special and unique.” - Mat C.

  • “Cocktails are unique and delicious.” - Marta O.

At Two Lights, we are very fortunate to have the expertise of beverage manager Chris Gatchell and a team of wonderful bartenders. Chris was relocated from Maine to Chicago by Two Lights owners Keene & Megan Addington to open Two Lights—and to spearhead our refined-yet-super-approachable cocktail program. Chris is at Two Lights more than often, shucking oysters, greeting guests, and sharing stories from his years in Maine.

Photo: Shelby Forsyth

Photo: Shelby Forsyth


On creating Two Lights’ cocktail program, Chris says, “I see our cocktail program as a combination of east coast and west coast mentalities. The west coast is full of fresh garnishes and juices. We make our juices in house, infuse spirits with teas, herbs, and spices, and make our own gommes. We’re garnishing with things like mint, lemon peel, and basil. That’s very west coast. East coast cocktails tend to be a little bit different. East coast cocktails have more of a local, foraging mentality: ‘What can I use that’s close to us to create something great?’” In Maine, that close-by foraging mentality is exemplified through cocktails using hemlock and bay myrtle, much like the cocktails found at The Wallingford Dram, where Chris honed his craft alongside Michael Jack Pazdon. This cozy, artisanal cocktail bar is also where Keene and Megan met Gatchell for the first time.

Every single Two Lights cocktail has a tale to tell. Whether it’s our Sunfish, reminiscent of the summer berry fields of Maine (CLICK HERE TO READ) or our historical shipyard-inspired Old Fashioned (CLICK HERE TO READ) each cocktail has a story, a profile, and a reason for being.

Familiar ingredients meet pleasant surprises (tea-infused gin in a martini, pickled blackberries in a citrusy cocktail, black pepper-infused bourbon) to create remarkably approachable cocktails without too much fluff or fuss. You won’t find flashy gimmicks or stuffy unpronounceable liquors at Two Lights—but you’ll certainly find a degree of thoughtfulness and care that celebrates summers, vacations, and just kicking back.

“Everything is very well-balanced and thought-out. This is not a ‘mixology’ or ‘beverage technician’ concept,” says Chris, “We’re just bartenders with good palettes and excellent hospitality.”

Whether you’re a craft cocktail aficionado or a newcomer to the cocktail scene, you’ll find a drink that suits you at Two Lights. Pull up a barstool and let us shake or stir up a delicious, Maine-inspired creation just for you.

View Two Lights’ full drink menu HERE. ••