Hamachi Tiradito: “Tastes Like a Hawaiian Sunset Looks”

Every server at Two Lights knows our stories. Whether it’s our history or our ingredients, you can be sure each visit to Two Lights will leave you with a little more knowledge than you entered with.

But of course, each of our staff has a different way of presenting Two Lights’ stories…

Server Gavin has taken to describing our Hamachi Tiradito as “It tastes like a Hawaiian sunset looks.” And he couldn’t be more right! Two Lights guests are continually drawn to the flavors and presentation of this beautiful small plate. (In fact, when influencer Her Name Is Sylvia visited Two Lights, she and her dining partner ordered Hamachi Tiradito to the table three whole times!)

Photo: Barry Brecheisen

Photo: Barry Brecheisen


We create our Hamachi Tiradito with high-quality Japanese Amberjack fish, our house-made avocado creme, passion fruit, red finger hot chili, hearts of palm, and macadamia nuts.

Yelp user Sarah wrote, “I had the hamachi tiradito; finger hot chilis lent just the right amount of spice without being overpowering and the macadamia, passion fruit, and hearts of palm gave the plate fantastic texture and depth of flavour.”

We would love to share this Hawaiian sunset (and a couple of stories) with you! Join us tonight at Two Lights, just across the street from The Second City on North Avenue. ••