Behind the Scenes of Our Most-Reviewed Dish: The Grilled Spanish Octopus

Since our opening in June, we’ve received a slew of positive comments about our Grilled Spanish Octopus. Google reviewer Sabrina let us know that “the octopus is one of the best things [she’s] eaten in a long time,” Yelp user Kristen said, “The octopus was life-changingly delicious!,” and Facebook fan Disha included the grilled octopus in her list of “amazing and innovative” must-trys!

It might not be Maine-inspired, but the Grilled Spanish Octopus dish is an ode to an incredible seafood we love.

Photo: Barry Brecheisen

Photo: Barry Brecheisen


The inspiration for our grilled octopus actually came from our sister restaurant, Tortoise Supper Club. Owners Keene and Megan Addington signed off on Chef Aaron’s Mediterranean-inspired octopus during Tortoise’s 2017 winter menu update. When it flew out of the kitchen and into the bellies of satisfied guests, Keene, Megan, and Chef Aaron knew it would be a hit at Two Lights too. To this day, it’s the only dish both restaurants have in common.

According to Chef Aaron Browning, the secret to the tenderness of the octopus is three hours’ worth of braising in red wine. The alcohol breaks down the “rubberyness” that octopus often exhibits and makes every tentacle a delight to slice into. Surround the octopus with our Greek-inspired feta and cucumber salad and Chef Aaron’s house-made Calabrian Chili Sauce and you’ve got a winning celphalopod to share with your favorite dinner date.

Check out our Grilled Spanish Octopus tonight at Two Lights! We look forward to seeing you. ••