Forecast: Dark & Stormy... A Classic Cocktail Gets a Tiki Twist at Two Lights

You’ve probably heard of the classic Dark & Stormy cocktail: rum, ginger beer, and lime over ice. But what about a tropical Dark & Stormy cocktail?

Leave it to Two Lights beverage manager, Chris Gatchell, and former bartender Justice to fuse together two classic cocktails: the Mai Tai and the Dark & Stormy to create a coconut-y, ginger-y, rum-drenched masterpiece.

Plus, it looks really cool, so there’s that too.

Photo: StudioNow

Photo: StudioNow


Chris’ Dark & Stormy features house-made raw ginger syrup and coconut cream topped off with Plantation Pineapple Rum, a dark rum that evokes storm clouds gathering over a serene sea. As many Maine seafarers know: storm clouds are a big topic of conversation!

“Crushed ice lends itself to beautiful dispersion of the rum for a sweet, ginger-y, balanced cocktail,” says Gatchell. Take your Instagram photos fast… this is one of many Two Lights cocktails that doesn’t last long once it hits the table.

Feel the storm clouds subside with a Dark & Stormy tonight at Two Lights! ••