A True New England Staple: Clam Chowder Warms Up Foodies at Chicago Gourmet

Back in September, Two Lights had the pleasure of attending Chicago Gourmet, an annual festival celebrating food and wine in Chicago’s Millennium Park. An unexpectedly cold and blustery day had foodies coming back again and again for our signature New England Clam Chowder.

Photo: Shelby Forsyth

Photo: Shelby Forsyth


Chef Aaron Browning and Front-of-House Manager Fonz Perez spent four hours dishing out hot cups of Clam Chowder with our crunchy Dill-Seasoned Oyster Crackers. Chicago food blogger, Pooja Naik of Chicago Pescetarian said Two Lights’ Clam Chowder was a bite you couldn’t afford to miss. Check out Pooja’s full write up of her visit to Two Lights HERE.

Two Lights’ Clam Chowder features Cherrystone Clams, the “middle child” of the quahog oyster family, generally two to three inches long and five to six years old. Cherrystone Clam meat is ideal for a chowder, as it softens up beautifully when cooked.

Start your night with a bowl of our classic New England Clam Chowder at Two Lights. Perfect to warm up before or after a Second City show! We can’t wait to see you! ••