À votre santé, Maine! Introducing the Acadian 75 Cocktail

Did you know that the original French 75, published in The Savoy Cocktail Book, was made with Cognac—not gin? It’s the truth! And at Two Lights, we’re hearkening back to that original 1920s recipe with our new Acadian 75 cocktail, made with Cognac, lemon juice, bitters, and bubbles.

Beverage manager Chris Gatchell says, “You take a round spirit like Cognac and combine it with citrus, sweet, and sparkling, and you’ve got a surprisingly spirit-forward effervescent cocktail.”

Also, a little sugar rim never hurt anyone either…

Photo: Shelby Forsyth

Photo: Shelby Forsyth


The cocktail’s name, “Acadian 75,” is a playful nod at Acadia National Park, a gorgeous coastal park in Maine and the location of the first permanent French colony in the New World. The area known as Acadia has been inhabited by Native American tribes (including The Wabanaki Confederacy) for over 12,000 years and was visited by French, Dutch, and English colonizers in the 17th century. The name Acadia came from the native Miqmac word “L’Acadie” meaning “land of plenty” and was later Anglicized to “Acadia.”

While its presentation is relatively new, Two Lights’ spin on a classic French 75 pulls from way back in the history books to create its flavor profile. Whether you’re sipping this beautiful sparkly cocktail as a starter, intermission, or dessert, it’s a fun way to compliment your Two Lights experience. Check out the Acadian 75 and two other new cocktails on our updated drink menu HERE. See you tonight at Two Lights! ••